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Mariko Hori testing her diving prototype - Mariko Hori

Born in Kobe, Japan, Mariko Hori studied architecture and is currently working as an artist between Belgrade, Serbia and Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has recently participated in the Nakanojo Biennale and will be part of the forthcoming Folkstone Triennale 2021. 

Her artistic interests revolve around the concept of ‘atmosphere’ and her installations often study architecture using simple yet intentional placement of objects to give texture to the space and time between structures. She believes that one of the next steps for architecture is to try to create alternative spaces without buildings. This ‘new way of architecture’ could be atmosphere itself, and in her practice, she experiments with various materials  such as found objects, especially, which hold some kind of aura, the air, smells, sounds, lights, dust,  as well as individual imagination, in order to find the new potential experience which could be imaginative and real at the same time. Our Olfactory History of Oosterdok project is similarly interested in intangible heritage and embodied ways of knowing. Mariko is currently developing her proposal 'Under The Harbour' selected from our 2019 open call. 

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