Yuran Richards

Cook at Mediamatic Eten


Portrait Yuran Richard - Cook at Mediamatic Eten Photo by Yuran Richard

Growing food creative from Amsterdam, being known for colourful flavours and eager work attitude currently compliments the Italian cooking team with his Dutch charm.

Yuran’s cooking path started at the age of three when he decided to love animals more than eating them. Since then he was always on the lookout to enrich fully vega(n) dishes with great taste.

Being a passionate musician from young age Yuran studied Composition & Music Technology at HKU in Hilversum. Soon he figured that his creative soul would bring him back to his favorite environment: The Kitchen.

At Mediamatic Yuran is able to implement his playfulness in his creation and grows more and more with every menu he can participate in. In his free time Yuran loves to experiment on new textures of alternatives for meat and influences from different cuisines. 


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