A place for happiness

Getting married in your own way

Weddings are times of joy and happiness. There is no better way to start a life together than at Mediamatic, where creativity and uniqueness are put on a pedestal. Our venue offers a beautiful waterside view of Amsterdam – arrival by boat is highly recommended. Art pieces and plants are scattered throughout the multiple spaces. Whether you want an intimate ceremony or go all out, we gladly provide you with the creative minds of our artists, designers and chefs to elevate your special day to something magical.


Bruiloft foto Wickie bij Mediamatic - Gelukkige bruid in het gangpad van de Sluisdeurenloods. Foto van Bruiloft V+I in Amsterdam door Wickie Fotografie

Our 'Sluisdeurenloods' is very suitable as a location for a special ceremony. The barn dates from the end of the 19th century and was restored by Mediamatic in 2015. The robust wooden building has a serene and timeless character. Also the restaurant and other rooms are available for rental. Be sure to make an appointment if you would like to find out more about the possibilities and spaces we offer.

Mediamatic is easily accessible. We are located close to Amsterdam Central Station. Tram 26 and the Piet Heijn parking garage are just a three-minute walk away from our venue. Since we are beautifully situated at the waterside, it is possible to voyage via the canals. This way you make that sublime entrance you have always wanted.

We are beautifully located at the waterfront of Amsterdam. This makes it possible to get to and from our location using the canals. We have a wide selection of plant-based catering available. Of course we also offer the possibility to compose a personal menu.