Open-CI: opening up social networks

Use a single account in a network of websites

Good news for those who cope with social network fatigue! No need to register again and again, pick a username, password, write a new profile, and reconnect to your friends for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. Mediamatic Lab has developed Open-CI to enable social networks to work together seamlessly. Open-CI is based on open standards. With a single account you can be active in a network of websites, such as, Museum de Paviljoens, Netwerk CS, and many more.


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What is Open-CI?

Open-CI enables users to use one account to create connections and data across websites. In addition it enables a search across a network of websites. Open-CI is a set of rules based on open standards enabling different websites to work together intelligently. Open-CI allows you to register for activities, announce events, connect to people or link to content on all these websites, using only one account!

Benefits of Open-CI for users

- Universal login Users are spared the tedious chore of creating accounts on every site. They only have to remember one username and password.

- More connections, better visibility New users can get up to speed quicker and existing users can easily participate on other sites. Data sharing enhances searching for and finding more complete information on people, organisations and projects.

- Updated account information Account information is shared across websites. Changes to an account are propagated to the other websites where this user is present.

- Less social network fatigue The problem of adding people as 'friends' on every site you become a member of is solved.

- Flexibility Users can use their original identity to create content and make connections on websites in the network. Users may also choose to keep separate profiles, with unique data and a different set of friends.

Additional advantages for organisations

- Increased participation Open-CI makes it easier for users to participate in activities of other websites.

- Improved information flow Open-CI indexes the information on all connected websites, thus improving the dissemination of information on the site.

- Encourage creativity Users can quickly find things and people they are looking for. And when they want to create something new, they can find users and other objects in the index to serve as a starting point.

- Reusable Content + improved search results Open-CI indexes content from other sites and updates references to included content automatically when there are changes.

- Websites keep identity The boundaries between networks are maintained and every website keeps its own identity, but the effort for users to cross them is greatly reduced.

Who uses it?

Presently the following social networks built in Anymeta by Mediamatic Lab are included in the Open-CI network: CCAA, Museum de Paviljoens, Netwerk CS, Kom je ook?, Khatt Foundation, Dinsdag Netwerk, Reboot, Observatorium, Keuringsdienst van waarde, and

Any site or system wishing to participate in this network can do so with relative ease using existing technologies and the guidelines provided by Open-CI. The required technologies can be found here. Contact Ino Paap for any questions ( and + 31 (0)20 - 6389901).

Technical overview

Do you want to join the Open-CI network of websites? Check the Open-CI technical overview here.

Also a light version of Open-CI is available. Smaller websites can opt for a light version of Open-CI and thus add social features to their websites without the overhead of a social network. Open-CI outsources profile and account management to another Open-CI site.

For more information contact Ino Paap of Mediamatic Lab ( and + 31 (0)20 - 6389901).