The 4th Annual Experimental Scent Summit

9 Jul 2020

The fourth annual edition of the Experimental Scent Summit will take place starting from Thursday, July 9.

The four-day online event is the annual presentation of the ongoing collaboration between The Institute for Art and Olfaction in LA and the Berlin-based Smell Lab.For this edition, they have invited a selection of speakers to discuss issues that relate to the field of olfaction. Topics cover social justice, technology, history, creative practice, and much more. Part of the summit includes space for attendees to share their work, in three open mic sessions we like to call "Who are you and what are you working on?".

We will facilitate a live stream to this event at Mediamatic in our Sluisdeurenloods. Tickets to the summit are available on a donation basis, and donations will cover technical expenses.

Let us know if you join us by RSVP'ing.

RSVP / Donation here


Visitors smelling the smell sample -

Day 1: Thursday, July 9
19:00 AM PDT – Introduction
19:15 AM PDT – Clara Muller: Environmental Enmeshments
19:45 AM PDT – Hsuan L. Hsu: Decolonizing Smell
20:30 AM PDT – Open Mic: Who are you and what are you working on?
21:00 PM PDT – Mauricio Garcia: Fragrant Witchcraft
21:30 PM PDT – Elliot Roth: The Biotechnical Basis of Scent
22:00 PM PDT – Closing Remarks

Day 3: Thursday, July 16
19:00 AM PDT – Erica So: Faa1 Loe6, Scent for Hong Kong Protests (Thanks to Royal College of Art, IFF)
19:30 AM PDT – Devon Baur: Perfume for Avatars
20:00 AM PDT – Chavalia Mwamba: The Creation of Scent Music
20:30 AM PDT – S Surface: Design for Scent Sensitivities in Public Spaces
21:00 PM PDT – Robert Berryman: Synesthetic Healing
21:30 PM – Bhatupe Mhango-Chipanta: Aromatic Oil Extraction in Malawi
22:00PM – Dialogue / Closing Remarks