Aug - Oct 2020

Naomi Tidball

Neo-Futurist Dinner Assistant


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Naomi is originally from Vancouver, Canada. She will start a research MA at Utrecht University (media studies). She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Film Theory from the University of British Columbia. Her Undergraduate thesis looks at the representation of Cannibalism in Brian Fuller’s series, Hannibal. Where she explores the framework of cannibalism, as metaphor for liminality, and not about the abject. 


 Currently, she is part of the Neo-Futurist Dinner Production internship. Naomi has experience in the film industry, this extends to the agency-side, as well as both production and post-production. Prior to this internship, Naomi did research at the South African Shark Conservancy. Her love and research of sharks is continuous; she researches how the screen representation of sharks is misleading; their purpose, via the media, reduces conservancy efforts. 


In the last year, her and a friend have been researching the effects of mental health via social networks. Through Instagram, they want to create an inclusive platform where participants can share their experiences. They interview and ask for write ups, as well, they take portrait shots with film. 


In her spare time, Naomi loves to do independent research. Currently, she is looking at the representation of youths in television and cinema. More specifically, whether it maintains a regressive narrative towards youth identity. 


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