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Taylor Early

Exhibition and Communications Assistant


tearly-MM -

I’m Taylor Early (like in the morning). Born and raised in a village in New Hampshire (USA), Utrecht has been my home for the last 3 years. Since moving to the Netherlands for graduate school, I have become deeply invested in thinking globally and acting locally; operating on the philosophy that food is what brings us all together, and is the entry point to sustainability in its many forms. 

I've spent nearly 10 years of education and work deepening the relationships between nature, museums, food, farming, science communication, art, education, playfulness, curiosity, community building, and storytelling— integral pieces to my evolving definition of sustainability. Alongside my internship you can find me developing my freelance sustainability collective, practicing yoga and meditation, or baking pastries. Let’s talk about trees and plants, or natural wine! 

I’m looking forward to contributing to a more wonder-driven and equitable world as a member of the Mediamatic community.

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