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Ruth Brickland -

If you were to read this page at the start of my internship, you would read that I am interested in 'eroticism, gender and disgust'. Now, that I am revisiting this page a week after completing my internship at Mediamatic, my interests have expanded to such a degree: I could not narrow them down with such confidence.

I also wrote, at the beginning of my internship "I am looking to expand my knowledge and interests whilst working at Mediamatic". This turned out to be a colossal understatement  - I could not have imagined then how my thoughts and worldview would be challenged, expanded and energised by the time I spent working on projects, reading articles and being inspired by my colleagues. I am so grateful for the constant surprises I have experienced...surprised by myself, by my colleagues, by this new, more engaged way I now look at bodily fluids, plants, microorganisms. 

I hope to hold on tightly to these surprises and allow them to direct my thinking in a more critical, engaged and kind way while I carry myself through life. 


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