Hyunsuh Kim

Research Intern Olfactory History of Oosterdok


Hyunsuh_Kim -

Transition, becoming

Life in three big and very different metropolitan cities — Seoul, Jakarta, Amsterdam — have always stimulated Hyunsuh's fascination in the remnants of numerous transitory encounters in our urban life. As momentary these intersections are, their traces sedimentalize in one's history, living spaces, psyche, in the obscure depths of the collective unconscious. 

Hyunsuh is a hoarder — of names, books, websites, tea, smells, specimens, rocks, canvases. She currently majors in psychology, but also loves to study cultural studies, philosophy and art history. Through this journey, she yearn to scrutinize the very lens through which people experience the world. In House of Leaves, Danielewski says that “...even the finest act of seeing is necessarily always the act of not seeing something else." When one chooses —both deliberately and unconsciously— to perceive oneself and one's surroundings in a specific light, why does one choose that particular frame and why not others? These questions always fascinate her deeply and are what she wants Mediamatic to explore. 

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