Pigeon Towers

Building with Mycelium

How can we humans be better actors in the world we dwell in? The Mycelium-Waste-Pigeon-Towers are our teachers; Observe, make, reflect on the ever-changing towers who host many beings. This will take time, and we shall take our time; be part of a community that crosses generations, discipline and species. 

In Summer 2020, Mediamatic joined forces with artist Arne Hendriks to explore the possibilities of using mycelium as a building material for constructing towers. Month after month, a diverse range of towers have sprouted up around Mediamatic's Biotoop. The iconic structures stand as testaments to our ongoing exploration of novel modes of coexistence within urban environments. Join us in the 100 Years of Learning Masterclass to learn how the interface with the towers can re-educate our minds.