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Mushroom Madness

The powerful presence of mushrooms has spread to the corners of the earth. These are a selection of some of the stranger things mushrooms have influenced.


The Bleeding Tooth fungus - The Bleeding Tooth fungus

Chris Matherly Mushroom Whisperer

Chris Matherly's Morel Mushroom Motherload Youtube clip demonstrates the unmeasurable joy that picking mushrooms can bring.

1000 Ways To Die

[ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001S2AI9M Season 1, Ep. 3 "Death Over Easy"]

Mushroom-infused trip leads a guy into a fetish orgy and some grizzly realizations.


Staring; Julia Blake, Brandon Burke, Simon Chilvers, Lynette Curran, George Shevtsov
A murderous gourmet comedy with a bite, A scandalous, dark comedy, Mushrooms is the meal for any movie-lover’s palate that will leave you hungry for seconds. approx. 90 mins.

Matango:Attack of the Mushroom People Trailer

Directed by Ishiro Honda (The Godzilla Series!) After a yacht is damaged in a storm and it’s boarders stranded on a deserted island the passengers; a psychologist and his girlfriend, a wealthy businessman, a famous singer, a writer, a sailor and his skipper take refuge in a mysterious fungus-covered boat. While using the MUSHROOMS for sustenance they find in the ships journal that the mushrooms are poisonous, however some members of the shipwrecked party continue to ingest the mysterious fungi transforming them into hideous fungal monsters. One of the strangest and most horrific TOHO productions to date.

Fungi Blog

Fungus Blog
a whole blog dedicated to collecting fungus related images, books and websites

Vegemorphs The Fungus Among Us

Author: Leif E. Green
A parody of Animorphs It all starts with an epidemic of athlete's foot and only a handful of kids are empowered to do anything about it. You see, the kids are possessed of the ability to morph into vegetables at will. And only nutrient-rich vegetables can ward off the spread of this voracious mold!
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Martha Stewarts easy to follow guide on spore printing

[Add the linkhttp://www.marthastewart.com/266310/mushroom-prints-how-to-print-mushrooms Martha's spore print guide ]


10 Unique mushrooms from around the world

Names of deadly poisonous Paddestoelen:

Autumn Skullcap
Corpse Finder
Dead Man’s Fingers
Death Cap
Destroying Angel
Devil’s Urn
Fairy Bonnet
Poison Pie
Slippery Jack
Stinky Squid
Witch’s Butter
Witch’s Hat
Wolf’s Milk Slime