Mycelium and Mushroom Manufacturers

Information and websites about mushroom companies and growers that can supply us with products.


EcoCradle - Ecocradle from Ecovative Design

Big Distributing Dutch company of substrate and mycelium

Cleanrooms and supplies for growing Mushrooms

Clean Air - Cleanrooms
Mycelia Mushroom Spawn Laboratory Mycelia provides know how with respect to mycelium production and cleanroom technology.
Perfect Foil - pvc curtains With semi-finished products used in a wide range of applications, Perfect Foil is a leading supplier to various markets, including the graphic, medical and maritime sectors.
Kimberly Clark Professional - supplies
Basan B.V. - supplies

History, cultivation, grow boxes and everything

Ecovative Design

This company is one of the pioneers of making packaging out of mycelium. They are based in New York.

Back to the roots


Mushroom Kit - Grow-at-home mushroom kit made by Back to the Roots

Grow-at-home mushroom kit lets you grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of gourmet, tasty oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days...right from the box!
Also see: Mushrooms out of the box


This is a company in Rossum that grows a large variety of exotic mushrooms. They also give tours of their mushroom growing facilities to different groups (children and adults) and let them taste different kinds of mushrooms. They supply many of the sellers at the farmer's markets with mushrooms and all their mushrooms are organic.


Dutch site, producer and wholesale of paddo, psychedelic mushrooms, growing kits.


Substraat Bedrijf Horst : Company that sells substrate for growing champignons and other mushrooms. Also produces and delivers EKO substrate.
Walkro delivers about 40% of all Dutch substrates.
Hooymans Compost the leading compost producer for the mushroom growing industry.

Verbruggen Paddestoelen

Producer of different kinds of oyster mushrooms, in yellow, pink, and grey. John and Wendy Verbruggen.

Prime Champ

Prime Champ aspires a leading roll in the European Mushroom World.
It underlines a strategic and long-term cooperation with its clients. Settings for a healthy business and relation with the client are quality and cost control, and ongoing investment in improvement.
They have a tasting room, de Paddestoelerij.