Mediamatic 2020

2020 was an interesting year. The sudden, and first ever, pandemic, gave us a lot of new questions to consider. How can we redesign togetherness? Can we navigate ourselves without intimate senses such as smell and touch? That is why this year, we added these research questions to our existing interests, accumulating in a full and fun program.

When everything was in lockdown - we became a funeral center. When no one was allowed to go out and dine - we designed a corona-proof defining experience. We hosted seven lectures about design and smell and designed a way to distribute smells, so people could join with their senses from home. We celebrated Skinhunger in a private breakfast experience with artists Margherita Soldati and Alice Heron, and Lelani Lewis, Rachel Rumai, and Suzanne Bernhardt researched their roots trough the immigration pattern of food in a full evening dinner experience. We hosted and developed more workshops to enjoy, and are now open to learning about (among other things) mycelium, memes, dissecting fish, observational drawing, fermenting and designing with smell. We celebrated Pride together with drag-clown Taka Taka, and celebrated food with La Coccina. We hosted the architecture Biennale, and the international scent summit. We build mycelium pigeon towers with Arne Hendriks, and are experimenting with the surprise mushrooms that are hosted by the towers. We made a scavenger hunt on the Oosterdok about Ernst Haeckel and his drawings, for everyone to enjoy during the lockdown. We looked at the sun in a different way through Natali Blugerman's installation 'Light Observatory' and learned about the different minds of autistic artists with Asefeh Tayabani and her work 'Precious Burden'. We hosted countless free tours for everyone who was interested and opened up our labs for everyone who wanted to join us.

But overall, 

We had a lot of fun.