Anne Hofstra

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Anne Hofstra -

Writer and experience designer, currently researching sustainability narratives, and finding ways to challenge them.

I studied both linguistics and literary studies, specializing in the representation of science in literature. I’m especially interested in the narrative structures that lie both in front of, and behind new scientific methods and beliefs. I wrote my bachelor thesis on the representation of cloning in literature, and researched the narrative structures of cloning in novels. Next to that I am interested in the interaction between science-fiction writing and technology.

After my studies I worked as a writer for escape rooms, virtual reality movies and theatre.

Within Mediamatic I help to formulate and guard the identity of Mediamatic. This means writing texts and helping to set up projects at the first phase of their existence. Welding a concept to something we can make happen. 

One of the projects I'm currently involved in is the 'temptations of good intentions' project. This means that I am researching products that seem sustainable, but might not be as sustainable as we tend to believe. How can we evaluate these well-meant sustainable ideas? And if these products are indeed not as sustainable as they seem - how can we criticize these products without loosing hope? Is there a way to justify the existence of these products?

The research will be presented at an exhibition that will take place in 2020.

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