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Anne Hofstra -

Curious human being who curates, researches, writes, learns and designs.

Hi! I'm Anne.

I worked as program developer for Mediamatic between 2019-2023. We made that title up because it sounded cool. But it meant the following: Doing a lot of research, writing project texts, guiding artists (and the research interns) in research and development, curating new programs, hosting and moderating events, applying for funding and helping to formulate our interests and policies - both artistic as organisational. 

My interests develop (read change) a lot, but they've been steadily related to non-human collaborations for a while now.

Before working as a program developer at Mediamatic I worked as a researcher and independent concept developer and wrote and designed for escape rooms, virtual reality movies and theatre.

Some of the projects I developed within Mediamatic:

Inhuman Carnaval


Promotion image for Inhuman Carnaval at DDW - artist: Lea Jenny  (@studiovoilavoila) photo: Pierre Castignola   (@pierrecastignola) model: Salomé Stein ( @salome__rose) image source


Venla Elonsalo costume 8 -


Jesse during the Kamer Plant Performance - with Jesse Asselman Jesse Asselman performed during Dutch Design Week at Natlab, for our Inhuman Carnaval Project. Caroline Aravicius, Jesse Asselman


Drinks at Dusk with Conny Groenewegen - At Dutch Design Week, we have daily presentations by various artists at sundown. In this edition we talk about how we can embody and feel more like other species through fashion with fashion designer Conny Groenewegen. Caroline Aravicius, Conny Groenewegen, Anne Hofstra


Drinks at Dusk with Studio Nepco - In this Drinks at Dusk edition Lennart Vader talks about how dressing up can playfully bring us closer to other species.  Caroline Aravicius


Anouk Beckers tijdens het Inhuman Carnaval kostuumLAB op Dutch Design Week -


Beetles on the dancefloor - At Dutch Design Week we party in biodiversity costumes with  DJ Wannabeastar   and   Shirley Macholina , using costumes made in the costume lab at Inhuman Carnaval. Free beers provided by Oedipus Brewing for non-humans! Anisa Xhomaqi

Penny for your Thoughts


Pauline's presentation set-up showcasing some folkloric products and ceramics. - During the first Penny for your Thoughts presentation night, Pauline Rip shares her research on mythical and folkloric lore, which includes ingredients and recipes. She displays a couple of items that are linked to her elven interests.  Photo taken by Daniell Tahor Daniell Tahor


Beleidsplan Mediamatic



Radical Imagining Just & Green Futures



Environmental activist Pippi van Ommen explaining what what steps to take towards a just and green future. - Petra Baturova


Mediamatic Duif



Visual Hato Poppo - Emma Fukuwatari Huffmann -



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