Working at Mediamatic ETEN


  1. Working Hours.
  2. Bar house rules.
  3. Lunch, lunch break, refreshments and after work drink.
  4. Correspondence
  5. Specifying availability
  6. Working overtime
  7. Calling in sick
  8. Holidays
  9. Bar and cash till protocol
  10. Bar/Restaurant Manager’s Responsibilities
  11. Chef’s Responsibilities

How we work

Within Mediamatic we all adhere to the house rules and rules of conduct.

For more information about how we ensure a safe working environment, click here.


1. Working Hours.

Working hours are determined by shifts, which vary in time and duration. Take a good look in stager to see what time your shift starts and ends.


2. House rules use of bar.

Keep the bar tidy and presentable. Do you have valuables that you want to leave at Mediamatic during the shift? You can put your bag and other valuables in the beverage storage during your shift. This room gets locked. Please do not leave personal belongings behind the bar. Bicycles are never to be parked inside the biotoop.


3. Lunch, lunch break and refreshments and after work drink.

You have the right to two 15-minute breaks per shift. Consult with the day manager when is a good time for this break.

You may grab coffee and tea for free while you’re working, if you want something else to drink you can buy it with your employee discount.

Lunch, dinner and snacks are available depending on your working hours and the availability of the kitchen and of ingredients.

After your shift you may have two more drinks. If you close up you may stay in Mediamatic for a maximum of one hour. It is strictly forbidden for people who have not worked to be at Mediamatic after hours. Would you like to request an exception to these rules? You can do so with your manager.


4. Correspondence

Correspondence about your job, or other organisational questions, can be sent by email to the bar manager.


5. Specifying availability

We require you to inform us of your availability every two weeks. We need you to be available at least 8 day parts per week, so that we can fill the schedule adequately. Will you be available for fewer days? Then we can’t guarantee that you will only be scheduled on your available days.


6. Working overtime

The staff member who is responsible on a particular day will be responsible for keeping count of hours, including overtime. Overtime shall be paid.


7. Calling in sick

Inform the bar manager that you are sick by 9 a.m. at the latest and try to get someone else to work your shift.


8. Holidays

We think it is important that you take a holiday in due time, a holiday is important for your health. It depends on the type of contract you have how and how much time off you can take. You can check this by sending an email to If you want to take leave, please always consult the bar manager first.


9. Bar and greenhouse protocol

The bar/restaurant manager is responsible for clarifying and safeguarding the bar and cash register protocol. If you have any questions regarding this or if anything is unclear, please contact the bar/restaurant manager.

It may happen that you need to purchase something for your work. This must first be approved by the bar/restaurant manager. Then, please follow these steps.


10. Bar/Restaurant Manager Responsibilities

Stock Management Bar

The bar/restaurant manager

  • Ensures that sufficient stock is available and orders are placed in a timely manner.
  • Accepts the delivery and checks whether it is in accordance with the order and checks the packing slip.
  • Takes stock every 1st day of the month and sends this to the accountant.
  • The bookkeeper and/or administrative assistant
  • Checks if the invoice corresponds with the delivered order.
  • Enters the quantities of delivered products into the inventory system in the Nappkin POS system.
  • Durability check/shelf life stock check.
  • Personnel administration
  • Ensures the enrolment and deployment of personnel, in consultation with the director-manager(s)-board members??.
  • Checks the specified hours worked by the staff.
  • Schedules the shift in Stager. After the shift has been worked, the hours are adjusted to the actual hours worked.
  • Ensures that sufficient stock is available and orders are placed in a timely manner.
  • On the last day of the month, the bar manager will check how many hours each employee has worked. He/she will communicate this to the Office Manager, will check this with director-manager B and this will then be processed by the Office Manager in Employes. The MM ETEN employees shall be paid at the start of each month.


11. Chef Responsibilities

  • Ensures that sufficient stock is available and orders are placed in a timely manner.
  • Accepts the delivery, checks whether it is in accordance with the order and checks the packing slip