Francesca Nicchiotti

AromaLab Intern


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I'm Francesca and I'm going to be an intern for the AromaLab section at Mediamatic.

I'm a graduand of the University of Pisa; my studies concern chemical quality control of herbal products and health sciences. Thus I want to bring a more scientific and experimental approach to the aromaLab project while learning as much as possible from the artistic yet conscious Frank Bloem and Niklaus Mettler's approach to the smell world.

My passion for scents has strengthened with time. I realized that although people communicate with words since the metaphoric building of the Babel tower, translation is betrayal. I've always wanted to find a way to link people and I think that scents can be understood or just recognized by everyone. It's not only a universal way of expressing our self, but it's also a deep, intimate and healing way of dealing with reality.

With this experience, I hope to sharpen my laboratory skills and my knowledge about scents and raw materials to become an aware technician and hopefully somebody who manages to tell stories with perfumes.

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