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My name is Héloïse Floc’h and I am French fourth year student bachelor at Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Well-being and I will be joining Mediamatic for an internship in the exhibition Team. 
Studying physiotherapy before design taught me a lot of values, such as give a vast place to listen and understand my surroundings in every sense. 
Details, shapes, textures and tactility are important aspects that lead my research through fascinations and emotions.
The environment surrounding us and its influence on our daily life is what drives my work. I like to experiment with materials and acknowledge their properties before giving them an application. 
Moreover, field research as much as literature research, fully understanding are facets that I am using in my methodology of working.  
Being in a hands-on school, with an autodidact way of learning led me to be more independent and to understand when and how I should be making decisions. 
Building up an exhibition with all its complexity and interdisciplinary aspects has always appealed to me and brought up excitement and enthusiasm
in me. I believe that creating an experience through an exhibition is a fulfilling action, for the visitor as much as for the maker. 

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