Aya Koné

Pigeon Tower Assistant


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My name is Aya Koné and I am a pigeon tower assistant, building mycelium towers with Arne Hendriks.
I am currently in my final year of Sculpture within the Fine Arts Department of the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag.
Having grown up in spaces that occupy the in-between: my work often deals with the confrontation between culture / heritage / identity and the environments I function within.
I am developing around the idea of primitivizing my practice as a method of repair. I do this by looking to traditional techniques and synthesizing them through modern materials in direct relation to the space. This relationship is a development between my own physical body, the places it moves through, and how it moves. I am trying to learn the language for these interactions. This learning / processing is central to my work: the point of discovery, of sharing knowledge, interacting with it, and stimulating dialogues.
This environment of constant and continual change, along with my desire to build with living matter, is what pulled me here. 

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