Caroline Aravicius, Saro Van Cleynenbreugel
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Max enjoys hands-on and practical projects

Participant at Building Aquaponic Systems workshop

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He was intrigued to join this workshop because he saw his friend experiment with aquaponics. This team leader of designers and frontend developers, is also very interested in sustainable ways to grow your own food.

Max is interested in how to build aquaponics inside on a small scale and cultivate a small surface efficiently. There are many things that don’t grow outside, and this is a good solution for that. 

Max joined the workshop with his friend as they have the same interest in learning how to set up aquap;onic systems. ‘You can find a lot of stuff online but once you do it, it all fits together now! Ahh now I understand! It's pretty complicated how a siphon works, or you can just do it”, Max explains.

His favorite part is that the workshop allows you to instantly be hands-on and practical. “You just have to do it on your own to see how it works”, Max says. Aquaponics is a very technical thing to learn, but you learn and improve as you go and it’s doable in just a day according to Max.

Photo credits: Caroline Aravicius