February '22 - May '22

Jikke Lesterhuis

Cultural Heritage Assistent


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Hi! My name is Jikke and I recently graduated from the BA’s Cultural Heritage at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In this internship I will focus on the so-called 'heritage value' of Mediamatic, temporary places and the role that places like Mediamatic play in the city. 

In my study I started to delve into the role that heritage plays in spatial transformations and the communication about this with stakeholders in society. The physical space in which we live is constantly changing and heritage can be an interesting tool for making the zeitgeist visible. I am particularly interested in various social developments such as emerging tourism, climate change and population growth and their relationship to the urban landscape. My goal is to translate invisible phenomena that mark the world into something visual to open dialogue on these topics. I did a minor Exhibition Design & Cultural Entrepreneurship, in which I experimented with different types of storytelling such as exhibitions, cross-media projects, talk shows etc.

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