René Nissen


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I am an artistic researcher interested in the disruption of oppressive social norms, the materiality of power and human-yeast relations.

As Head of Research at the Fine Arts Institute Leipzig (FAIL), I currently work on acts of bordering and bridging – between urban and rural spaces, within penal institutions and across borders. I also recently started working on the evocation of emotions, primarily fear, through aesthetic environments. Here, we are primarily working with rural (art) institutions and a youth penitentiary in Saxony. I am still trying to figure out if this connects to my interests as a graduate student at the University of Amsterdam: I am training to become an ethnographer with current interests in world-building between humans and yeast.

I first volunteered for Mediamatic at the Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week 2021, where I kind of stumbled into performing in Studio Nepco’s beetle costume. This is how I became interested in this disruption of urban life as an act of (re-)appropriating public space – something I’d really like to explore further through performance!

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