Proposal by: Nina Anin

Wind Airwave transmission

Project Proposal: Sustainable radio show


My project mainly revolves around this windturbine I have built. The windturbine is connected (through gears) to a motor which generates power. The mini circuitboard is then connected to a universal micro-usb cable. Currently, I have it linked up to a powerbank but it could also provide power directly to anything you'd want. The reason why I wanted to build this was not just because it is a sustainable way to get power but also have I been inspired by comic books. It very well fits a scifi anime character to my opinion (for example: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ). Maybe it opens a sci-fi eco narrative in the urban surroundings. The wind has to be very strong for it to work, but if it is not strong enough there is always the option to use it on rolleskates, a skateboard or a bike.


I want to connect the windturbine to a radio transmitter and transmit radio shows from places like the beach or the forest. To be part of it and to create radio together with the mammals and molecules around me. Brought from isolated natural landscapes to your headphones in the buzzing city `°º¤ø,ø¤º°``°º¤ø,ø¤º°``°º¤ø,ø¤º°`


Nina and her self built Wind Turbine - Currently, the windturbine is linked up to a powerbank but it could also provide power directly to anything you'd want. The idea is to research whether it could function to power a radio-show. Photo by Finn Emmen Nina Anin

With: Nina Anin

Project description

The project I want to do is to create a radio show on the beach. The power of my wind turbine will provide (so no 100% showtime show probably). I am inspired by comics and anime stories of technology, human and Earth working all together. I guess I want to work towards the symbiotic Earth I dream of. I also want to expand the possibilities of this windturbine (thinking of peformance on rollerblade with it)

Possible ways to expand the project

I might do a peformance with the windturbine through the city, hosting a radio show, in the near future.

Personal introduction

My name is Nina and I study Artscience at KABK. I like to work with digital media (website or video) while researching topics as post-humanism, comics, biochemistry or the relationship between human and technology in general.


Estimated costs

Wind turbine materials

~30 euro powerbank

~20 euro radio transmitter

~200 euro artist fee

~300 euro workhours (for radioshows etc.)

 This proposal is part of the 'Penny for your Thoughts' project 2022.