Suzanne Vivies Dupeyrat

Program Assistant


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 Here at Mediamatic, I am a program intern.

My name is Suzanne, I am from Bretagne, and I am completing my studies in the cultural management and art market in Paris. At Mediamatic, I work on multiple projects that allow me to explore and learn a lot.

The first project I worked on was Penny for Your Thoughts, where I got to help with the curation and organisation of lectures, and make artists and thinkers meet, which is one of my favorite things to do.

With the Japanese Knotweed Festival, I participate in the growth of a project from scratch, watching it take form and helping it develop. The project sheds light on the disregarded, it repurposes, reuses and makes a thousands different things out of one tiny plant.

With the Growing Gunya exhibition, I was able to co-create w/ my buddy the relation between the artist and the public, help with the coordination of an exhibition, and see all the small and annoying tasks that are necessary to any exhibitions. And i really loved them all.

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