Mari Bastashevski

Mari Bastashevski

Working from 1 July until 31 August on the project Pending Xenophora in Sluisdeurenloods


Mari Bastashevski. During the installation of Pending Xenophora at Mediamatic, 2022. - Mari Bastashevski

Mari Bastashevski is an artist, writer, and a lecturer at Kunstakademie in Trondheim, Norway and Wageningen University, Netherlands. Occasionally, she collaborates across disciplines, and performs random acts of journalism. Twice, she's circumnavigated the world by sea.

At the moment, she spends a lot of time thinking through the tripartite relationship between animals, humans, and technology and working on research that explores how emerging technologies of seeing, such as VR, could become sites of field research into said relationships.

Her past photography work is the result of extensive online and field investigations, and a collage of documents, photographs, and texts to explore the role of visual presentation in creating and sustaining conflicts within the ideological status quo.

She has exhibited with Bonniers Konsthalle, Maison Populaire, Musée de l’Elysée, HKW Berlin, Art Souterrain, Noorderlicht, and has been published in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Courrier International, Le Monde, e-flux, VICE, and a number of other venues. In 2021 she was a visiting scholar at the ALICE laboratory at EPFL in Lausanne, a 2019 artist in residence at Chateau D’Oiron, a 2017-2018 technology fellow at the Data & Society Institute in New York, and Yale ISP Researcher in 2016. She has also been awarded art residencies at IASPIS Stockholm, and Cité des Art in Paris.

In addition, she is an editor at Humanimalia, an open-access journal of human/animal studies operated from Utrecht, Netherlands.

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