The Lab Talk at Micropia

The recycling power of fungi!

24 Sep 2022
2 Oct 2022

Daily talks by the lab analysts at Micropia. It is the fall when the mushrooms start appearing, and fungi will start to break down all the leaf-litter, but fungi can recycle so much more, such as plastic and even gold!

This event takes place at Micropia twice a day at 13.00 and 16.00 from Saturday 24th of September to Sunday the 2nd of October. 


Koji culture for the Ears of Earth dinner - Koji is cooked rice or soya beans that are fermented and is often used to make miso or soy sauce.  Photo Credit: Paula Prats

Fungi Trail: traces of fungi in nature and culture

At the start of the new autumn season, we dive into the world of mycelia, fungi and fungi. The Fungi Trail is a program collaboration between the Hortus, Mediamatic and Micropia. From mid-September until October, podcasts, guided tours, workshops, dinners, children's activities and art projects will be organized, all focusing on fantastic fungi! For example, we're going fungal in the Hortus with a special series of Hortus Talks series full of fascinating guests. And there are special themed tours - also for children.