Maria Millesimi

Clean Lab Assistant


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Since I was a kid I always had a strong passion for science and art. This has led me to follow a humanities high school in my teenage years, to pursue a biomedical science bachelor’s degree and to be currently enrolled in the master’s course of behavioural neuroscience at UvA.

However, during my university years I always felt that something was lacking and that what I was being taught in the lab could be employed for something that would encompass more interdisciplinary scopes than performing the tasks I was being taught. 

Hence I started doing my research on how to bridge my interests, which has led me to land the internship position at the Clean Lab here at Mediamatic. 

I am beyond thrilled to work amongst artists and creatives and to learn what possibilities the world of biomimicry has to offer and how scientific means can be employed so to establish more sustainable human-nature interactions.


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