Sept '22 - March '23

Andreas Buben

Aquaponics Assistant


Veggie Portrait. Andreas - Andreas chose the banana.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

I'm Andreas, and I did my mandatory internship of my 3rd study year in Horticulture and Business management at the HAS Green Academy here at Mediamatic.

As an intern at Mediamatic, I worked with an urban aquaponic system and learned about the principles of aquaponics and how to manage the system for optimal growth of plants and fish. My role included monitoring water quality, caring for the fish, maintaining water flow and temperature, and preparing seedlings for the growing season. I also conducted independent research on farming with salinity and the possibility of replenishing the aquaponics with brackish water. This experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of aquaponic crop cultivation, sustainable and saline agriculture. I developed a range of horticultural skills, such as crop maintenance and detecting nutrient deficiencies. I also improved my organizational and time-management skills and gained confidence in presenting my findings. I recommend following your instincts, being open to feedback, and sharing your findings independently. Overall, I am grateful for this internship and excited to see how my research will be used in the future.


PS: I can be contacted over my general e-mail adress


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