Internship: Autist/Artist project

Help us highlight neurodiverse art(ists)

The goal of the A/Artist project is to create a platform for neurodiverse artists and designers. We focus on those who identify as/with the ASD (Autism) and ADD spectrum. How can we better value the contributions that makers on "the spectrum" make and how can we better support them/us? We are finding this out through research, regular discussion rounds with autistic makers, and public events. This project is still getting started, so there is a lot of potential for new ideas. 

We are looking for an A/Artist intern who can help us organise, document and expand this project. 

Check out the A/artist blog here.


a/Artist logo - The a/Artist project is researching the way neurodivergence (especially being on the ADD / ASD spectrum) intersects with working as a maker in the arts.

Stichting Mediamatic

Mediamatic is an art lab that focuses on new developments in art, biology and science. Through art projects, lectures and workshops we bring together the fields of science and art. In our program we challenge the senses and perceptions of food, waste and unconventional materials. In this way we support developments in bio-art and actively contribute to a circular economy. Our policy plan for the coming years is called “Autistic explorations“, trying to use the potential of neurodiversity for new perspectives on today’s issues. Mediamatic also has a restaurant where themes from the program are translated into very nice (vegan) food. 

Working at Mediamatic also gives you the chance to participate in our diverse workshops (give examples) and events and meet many artists and other interesting people. 


  • organising regular discussion rounds with neurodiverse artists and makers;
  • organising a public A/Artist programme;
  • documenting discussion rounds and events in the form of blogposts;
  • help with the production of A/Artist-related events;
  • work to extend our network of contacts in the arts and beyond.


  • Writing and speaking fluently in English (Dutch language skills are an advantage but not strictly necessary);
  • you have an interest in Art and in neurodiversity, specifically the autism spectrum;
  • you enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different needs;
  • Good communication and organisational skills;
  • You can work independently and you are a problem solver;
  • You are good at doing research on the internet and you know how to work with Apple;
  • You have a higher academic educational level;
  • You are available for a 100 working days, for at least 3 days per week;
  • Of course, neurodiverse applicants are very welcome! 

What do we offer?

  • An inspiring work environment in the centre of Amsterdam
  • A unique project centering neurodiversity in the arts 
  • A wide national and international network in the arts, culture and bio-sector,
  • Here you can find all the important information about doing an internship at Mediamatic.


To apply

Send us a short motivation and your cv in PDF to Mention that you are applying for the Autist/Artist project internship. Please let us know when you can start.