Clemens Driessen

Cultural Geography professor


Portrait of Clemens Driessen - by R.Pekaar Read more about Clemens here .

Assistant Professor at Wageningen University

Clemens' research starts from the idea that nature is deeply cultural. This has implications for our understanding of agriculture, animals, nature and food: as locally situated and embedded in social as well as material relations. To study the 'moral geographies' around these themes he draws on a variety of approaches, from Science and Technology Studies (ethnography, history and philosophy of technology), as well as Animal Geography (multispecies ethnography) and the Environmental Humanities (arts and design, literary history, environmental philosophy). In combination these generate opportunities for experimental interventions within a 'more-than-human' geography.

The questions and issues described above can be explored and intervened in by artistic design. As part of his research he collaborates with artists and designers in search of new forms of publicly engaging with environmental and animal concerns in ways that ideally are both imaginative and hands-on.