Angela Kerr

Angela Kerr

Ideator, Remembrance Forests


Angela Kerr -

Angela Kerr is a freelance journalist and editor originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Currently based in The Netherlands, she has lived and worked in, among other countries, Colombia, Seychelles, the UK, and Portugal. She's been lucky enough to earn her living purely from the crafting of words for her entire adult life, whether for television, radio, print, or online at such organisations as the BBC, Reuters, and War Child Holland (WCH).

It was while working at WCH that she met Eamonn Hanson, former advocacy manager with the NGO. Eamonn's foundation, Plant N Tree - as well as the process of planting a tree to remember her mother - inspired Angela to envision 'foResting' spaces where the bereaved and their loved ones can leave a lasting legacy that supports the living planet.

Angela has a million ideas a day, 'foResting' spaces is just one of them; but it might be the most important. 

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