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Lena Kuzmich (they/no pronouns) is a non-binary and multidisciplinary artist from Vienna currently based in Amsterdam. Their work, a fluid remix of photographic and videographic fragments taken from pop and subcultures, sketches alternate visions of society. Imaginative landscapes, hybrid representations of bodies, and technology all become a portal beyond preconceived notions about the world and our identity in it.

Within their practice, they strive for trans-disciplinary approaches with research based on multi-disciplinary hopping. Eclectically, they collect contents from science, art, social theory, pop culture, subcultures, and historical myths to assemble collage-like worlds through the use of various editing software. Found footage is combined with own creations and photographs to assemble new contexts and stories. In their work, images from obscure internet forums meet those originally published in scientific databases to dissolve hierarchies. Once the narratives that shape our understanding of reality are laid bare, they become open for restructure.


Website: www.lenakuzmich.world

Instagram: lenakuzmich_


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