Leo Kay

a month long exhibition and residency focused around bread, fermentation, plant agency, human evolution and collective ritual.


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Leo's work sits somewhere between participatory social art, workshop, happening and artistic research. His current practice uses fermentation as a metaphor and action, focusing primarily on resistance to hyper-productivity and the resulting burnout on a personal societal, and ecological scale. For this project, he collaborates with performance makers  Robert Steijn and Wannes Labath to explore plant agency in human evolution, the crisis we are in, and hopeful futures. Slowness, dialogue, collectivity, and ritual are modes that feature heavily within these constructed experiences. 

Leo Kay: @thebakeryofslowideas website: www.thisisunfinished.com, 

Robert Steijn: https://www.parts.be/teacher/robert-steijn 

Wannes Labath: @wannes_labath,: 


image by Ludger Storcks

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  • Leo Kay
  • Cuff Point Flat 45, Columbia Road,
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