Proposal by: Margot Domart

Bionomics sound

Project Proposal: How can we contribute together in reconnecting with our surroundings in a new era?

In our western society, we learn to connect images and concepts with words.

We are living in the culture of the "eye", rather than the ear. I observe an atrophy of sensual and bodily intuition.

With my work I am expressing the necessity to re-imagining and re-connecting to ourselves and to our surroundings.

What do we need today to re-create a feeling of connection and harmony? As Donna Haraway says, we need to think-with and cultivate response-ability to the collective.

I believe in reconnecting the viewer to himself through resonance and vibrations of his surrounding spaces will help him reconnect with his environment. 

My project is inspired by the world soundscape project, on the importance of listening as a start for change. By slowing down and listening deeply to our surroundings, questions and discussion can arise to create the future we want to see/hear. In between scientific and technological development, with recordings, I will bring awareness on the importance of listening to our soundscape.


Wave interference - credits: Margot Domart

Project Description

I want to provide a space where we will explore the surrounding and different sonic of the space by focusing on listening. Practicing listenings develops a physical, mental and emotional relationship to the environment. Inspire by the world soundscape project by R. Murray Schafer and deep listening by Pauline Oliveros. I want to continue to research the relation-ship between soundscape and listener to keep the memory and archives of the sonic environment that is forever changing and even sometimes "deteriorating".

How to preserve and protect existing places and time in both natural and cultural environments? Therefore, I will record the field to investigate the city and find out what are the sonic key element of it which will inspire me to create workshops on listening in different area to help people reconnect with their surroundings.

Possible ways to expand the project

I am dreaming that this could continue to expand in peoples mind, after my talk and workshops for them to continue to be aware and to expand their sonic sensitivity. And I would dream of collaborating with architects, dancers and sound engineer to explore different possibilities for it.

Margot Domart

My name is Margot Domart, I am a visual and sound artist and a sound healer. I graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2019 in the Fine Art department and in 2022 I graduated in Sonology at the Conservatorium in Den Hague. I also posses a certificate as a facilitator for Deep Listening sessions and sound healing with tuning forks.


Estimated costs

- 3 weeks of research, project conceptualisation, creation (lecture, soundwalk and/or workshops) 500€/week -> 1500€

- Zoom H2n for AMBIX recording 145€


Website Margot Domart -  

Instagram @margotdomart


Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to be involved in this project! :)


This proposal is part of the 'Penny for your Thoughts' project 2022.