14 April - 7 May 2023

Japanese Knotweed Festival

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Mediamatic is hosting an immersive 3-week festival around Japanese knotweed, which will recur the coming 3 years. Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for its invasive and intrusive characteristics. Many do not know that this species has many positive attributes ranging from its delicious taste and medicinal properties to its potential for being the base of biomaterials.

The Japanese Knotweed Festival investigates how, in collaboration with various creators, we can contribute to a way of living together in harmony with this contested plant.

Symposium 14 and 15 April


The Japanese Knotweed - Credit: Willem Velthoven


Join us on a two day symposium where creatives and researchers from multiple fields discuss Japanese knotweed.

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Festival 14 April – 7 May


Not In My Backyard! - Kristof Vrancken & Niek Kosten


The Japanese Knotweed Festival holds a series of exhibitions dissecting the aesthetic qualities of the plant and displaying its value in society. Immerse yourself in the world of knotweed through photographic storytelling, installations and interactive exhibitions.

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Observational Drawing -


The Japanese knotweed is an extraordinary plant, not only due to its aesthetic value but also for its functional uses. Join our workshops to find out how you can identify and integrate this plant into your everyday life.

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Research on Japanese knotweed is continuously growing. So much can be said about the plant’s convoluted history, its qualities and its place in our society. Keep yourself updated with research articles, artist interviews and interesting stories.

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