Alix Briere

Watering the miracle berry

Synsepalum dulcificum

We have some other plants in the greenhouse that don’t get water through the system. They need to be watered manually. For all the plants you can use aquaponics or tap water, except for the miracle berry plant. 


Instruction on how to water the miracle berry plant:


IMG_0621 -

Make sure the water you use is at a pH of around 5 (could be a bit higher or lower) but do not use tap or aquaponics water. To make the low pH water, if there is none left or the pH is too high, follow these instructions: 

  • Use the large white bucket →

    IMG_0619 -

  • Fill up with aquaponics water (high in nutrients) 
  • Measure the pH (see instructions in knowledge page)
  • Use the acid (located in the container on the nutrient shelf) →

    IMG_0620 -

  • Add drop by drop until the water gets to around pH of 5 (1-2 drops usually, use syringe)
  • If the water gets too acidic, just keep adding water until it goes back up
  • Stir the water with a stick or spoon
  • Get a cup or small bucket, fill it with water, use one small bucket for each plant (there are three individual plants in the pot)
  • Keep the water covered (use gray plastic lid) to avoid algae formation
  • fill up the spray bottle with the same water from the big bucket (use the spray on the leaves to remove pests if there are any)