Willem Velthoven

Recto and Verso on a Single Page*

How to save, time, work and trouble when making 2-sided flyers

Printing A5 flyers in house? This is a trick to save time and avoid paper jam, typos and other trouble.

On an A4 printer, DO NOT two fronts on page 1 and two backs on page 2 of an A4 doc.

In stead, put both sides next to each other on one page!



1/1=2 -


Yes, just put front and back next to each other on a single A4 layout.

Then, for say, 200 flyers, print 100 pages.

Do NOT use the double sided feature of the printer.

Then put the whole stack of single sided prints upsidedown, back on the feeder tray and print the same page on the back of the same prints. 

Because you reversed the stack, the side 1 and side 2 print will perfectly line up!

After that you can just cut the paper and you're done.


Why not use the double sided function of the printer? 

1: Because it it makes paper feed errors, especially with thicker stock.
2: Because its is very slow.


Why not put 2 sides 1 next to each other on page 1?

1: Because it is more work.
2: Because the risk of error doubles and you have to check everything twice.



"Recto and Verso on a Single Page" is my translation for the Dutch printers jargon "Schoon en weer op één plaat". If you happen to know the English printers expression for this elegant and time saving trick, please let me know so I can inclule it on this page. Thank you, Willem Velthoven.