Linxia Auzannet (she/her), Sophia Beckmann (she/her)

Hortus Project

Knowledge about the Hortus Project Signs

The Hortus Project was implemented some time ago to teach people about the different properties of our city's flora. You can find little oval signs in the grow beds of Mediamatic, but also spread across Amsterdam, which visualise different medicinal properties each plant has. Because these properties are only symbols, we have created a system to clarify each symbol by showcasing its name.This system consists of a handy flyer as well as signs decorating the windows of the Aquaponics greenhouse.


grow bed sign - lavender, Hortus Project -


Hortus signs on the Aquaponic windows -

We have printed each symbol on self-adhesive paper (basically sticker paper @ using the big printer in the graphics room.

For reprinting in the same format as on the Aquaponics, find the printable file with the correct sizing and in-circle placement here (diameter: 34cm)

For creating a new file or using the symbols for something else, find the editable illustrator file to each sign here.

To apply the symbols printed on sticker paper, follow a similar technique to applying large pieces of vinyl

The text is white vinyl cut in font size 139. See placement and measurements below.