Performance: Gerard van Wolferen

Self Gamelan

Interactive performance with Gerard van Wolferen

11 Nov 2023
  • 18:00 -20:30

Gamelan is a percussion ensemble traditionally played in various styles by the peoples of Indonesia.  

Players join together in creating complex rhythmical patterns and variations that can be recursively repeated. 

During this night, you will get the chance to learn how to participate in this fascinating activity. Gerard van Wolferen, composer and musicologist with a passion for patterns and a long history of playing and teaching gamelan, will host an interactive self gamelan performance throughout the night, during which the audience become the performers. 

Joining in the sound will calm your mind and open it to new thoughts and feelings. And don’t worry, you don’t already have to be a musician — anyone can play gamelan!

Come and join our interactive Self Gamelan to put on a performance yourself at any point throughout the night! 


Gerard van Wolferen playing Gamelan - Part of Museumnight 2023 and A/artist Romy Kerkman