Sophie Conroy

Sophie Conroy

Artist and Researcher


Portrait of Sophie Conroy - Vu Ha

Sophie Conroy is an artist and embodied researcher. She uses her life as a tool to test different ways of living, creating conditions to explore the unknown and learn more about the world and the self. This includes her research on homeless people and being home/house-less. Ultimately, Sophie explores the question: what do we really need?

Sophie takes the stance that people do not need to design more 'stuff'. Instead, we should focus on designing new ways of seeing. We have enough; we have to learn to recognise that. Through creating tools to shift our perspectives, we can move away from the current patterns of exploitation, isolation and consumption, and towards societies grounded in trust, joy and connection.

About the "living without a house" project

I chose to live without my own house in Eindhoven on a quest to find more connected ways of living. This project began by questioning one of our most fundamental certainties: the idea that we need to have a home, a fixed place to live. By deliberately choosing to be without a traditional home, I explored alternative ways of living that depend on a stronger connection to community, nature, and myself.


Illustration by Sophie Conroy. - home/house Sophie: I use the term "houseless" rather than "homeless" when referring to my own experience. As I was choosing this lifestyle, I was not "homeless", and my experience is entirely different to those in this position involuntarily. My decision was born out of a desire to feel at home wherever I am.

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Photo by Sophie Conroy. - 7/3/23 south Eindhoven forest sleep. Fell asleep looking at the full moon, woke to a world of snow. Image from Sophia's 6 month documentation of her  fragmented experience of 'living without a house'.


Photo by Sophie Conroy. - 10/3/23 Francesca's sofa. Image from Sophia's 6 month documentation of her fragmented experience of 'living without a house'.

Sophie's current work at Mediamatic

Sophie: "I am collaborating with Mediamatic and their neighbours living outside to explore the topic of houselessness in the area. My work at Mediamatic is not an attempt to "solve" the problem of houselessnes in Amsterdam. There are many brilliant organisations already working to support these individuals. However, through active engagement I am exploring how we can connect and relate with people who are differently housed then us. Exploring the potential to welcome rather than fear our neighbours, and to build a more collaborative supportive culture."

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