Hiroki Yasuda



Portrait of Hiroki Yasuda - Vu Ha

Hiroki Yasuda’s culinary journey began in Nagoya Japan where he was born and raised. From a young age, he discovered his passion for both savoring and creating exquisite dishes. 

Following his childhood dream to become a chef and own his own restaurant, he pursued formal culinary education and further extended his knowledge and sharpened his skills within the culinary hub of Tokyo. After a trip abroad he became aware that there was an absence of authentic Japanese cuisine, a revelation that sparked the desire to share the true essence of Japanese flavors with the world. While managing his own restaurant in Japan he enriched his experience in seafood and sake, sushi-making and ramen in prestigious diners. His journey led him to Spain and today he owns a restaurant in the Netherlands introducing to the world the flavors of Japanese gastronomy. 

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