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Neo Futurist Dinner Ikebana's

All of the Ikebana's Made by Uno Fujisawa During NFD "Knots, Weeds & Roots"


Uno Fujisawa Building her Ikebana for Neo Futurist Dinner "Knots, Weeds & Roots" - During the Japanese Knotweed Season 2024, Uno Fujisawa made all kinds of unique ikebana's during Neo Futurist Dinner "Knots, Weeds & Roots"   Photo by Vu Ha   Vu Ha

With: Uno Fujisawa

During Neo Futurist Dinner "Knots, Weeds & Roots" Uno Fujisawa made a unique ikebana each dinner. When a new round started the previous ikebana was put on display next to the other ikebana's, so that a new ikebana could be born.

What is NFD "Neo Futurist Dinner"?

In the Neo Futurist Dinner series, Mediamatic invites different artists and cooks to present their vision for the food of the future. Along these lines we question the way in which food, art, science and politics intertwine.

What is a Ikebana?

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It involves carefully placing flowers, branches, and leaves. Ikebana focuses not only on the arrangement of the flowers but also on the overall composition and the space between the elements. Each element in an ikebana arrangement holds symbolic meaning and there are different styles of ikebana that have evolved over the centuries. It's a beautiful and meditative practice that celebrates nature's beauty in a unique way!


Close-up of one off the Ikebana's that Uno Fujisawa Made During NFD "Knots, Weeds & Roots" - Ikebana's are the Japanese art of flower arrangements. Uno Fujisawa is the artist for all these beautiful pieces. The ikebana's were made during the Japanese Knotweed Season 2024. Photo by Jada Maij Jada Maij

Uno Fujisawa

Uno Fujisawa, born in Japan in 1982 and currently based in Amsterdam, is not only an artist but also a chef. Her artistic endeavours are rooted in a profound exploration of the seemingly simple act of eating, a ritual that is universally repeated every day. Having honed her culinary skills as a self-taught chef for over 15 years, Fujisawa further deepens her understanding of agriculture and nature at 'Landje van De Boer' in 2020, and continues to do so.

Her approach explores new possibilities for food, merging cooking and Japanese traditional culture, particularly Ikebana, into what she terms ‘Edible Ikebana’. Edible Ikebana is her daily practice and what she shares with people. Her simple practices try to touch profound qualities of life. They wish to reveal the meaning of 'the inner world of relationships' of nature and humans and the connections between them.


Uno smiling at the end of NFD - Vu Ha

With: Uno Fujisawa