femke burger

Superhero & Designer Interactive Media Projects

Is it a plane, a bird, a game, an interactive installation , an exhibition or an event?

Freelance Femke can handle it!

From a playful perspective and a clear focus on content, Freelance Femke designs and produces concepts that really get to the audience!

Freelance Femke studied new media and culture education. Before she became a superhero, she worked as an exhibition producer and a program manger for the Design for Playful Impact research programme at the Utrecht School of the Arts.
She has done research about the use of games in museums. And is interested in the possibilities new media have for learning.

In her freetime Freelance Femke volunteers for www.voorleesexpress.nl/ and is a member of positiefoffensief.blogspot.com/.

She enjoys things as theatre, photography, kitesurfing and singing.