Creating the Simpsons

David Silverman, Director, The Simpsons Movie

Don’t miss this insider’s look at The Simpsons, the popular series featuring America’s favourite underachiever and his family. David Silverman will provide a behind-the-scenes look at one of the hottest, most creative and technically driven areas of filmmaking and discuss his creative inspirations.

'What's the opposite of D'Oh? Y'Oh! Wh'oh! G'oh!

The Simpsons are finally, triumphantly, here, after much whingeing and whispering that we've all got Simpsons fatigue and that the movie was only going to be a feature-length version of the TV show. To which I can only say "only?"

It's only going to be superbly funny and well-written all the way through? With a creative IQ that easily outpaces 99% of everything else Hollywood churns out?"
Read Peter Bradshaw's full review at the Guardian... Go see the trailer.

Or even better - go to the movie's website, create your own Simpsons' avatar and add it to your PICNIC profile.