Gilad Lotan

new media designer - digital artist

Gilad is a new media designer, interested in the overlap between culture, technology and spatial design.

By leading an online life we attain a global sense of connection to distant people and remote locations. Ubiquitous technology helps us keep in touch with each other, and in many ways also with ourselves. Yet digital methods of representing a person or a place are a far cry from the corporeal experience - good when representing an efficient, asynchronous connection, but not as useful when supporting a more authentic, deeper conversation.

Can intimacy be felt over a distance?

Through my work I explore the intersection between culture, technology and spatial design, made possible through new media. What gets me excited is finding ways to create and use technology as a tool to strengthen connections between people and to places. I build objects and design spaces that take advantage of embedded technology as a way to augments their base line functionality. I am fascinated with the potential to enhance a space by adding to its architectural design a technology layer of sensors and networking. This allows for a space to incorporate smart behaviors which enable a more complex set of user interaction. I explore innovative methods of representing online diversity within physical objects; extracting the multitude of perspectives available online into real-world spaces. By merging the richness of online content with physical objects it is possible to design a substantially heightened user experience, resulting in stronger overall bonds.