Hacking the Human Body

Regine Debatty, Adam Zaretsky, Michael Burton

Some of us already use advanced bio-augmentations in the form of pacemakers, cosmetic implants, and high-tech prostheses. Soon, advances in genomics and tissue-culture engineering will allow us to modify ourselves and our kids in a much more accessible, rapid way. What happens when we leave behind cosmetics and start altering our bodies and minds to enhance who we are and what we can do?

Regine Debatty is a keen follower of the arts, and blogs about it on we-make-money-not-art. Artist Adam Zaretsky is a teacher and practitioner of VivoArts, an emerging and politically charged field that brings together art and biology. Michael Burton is an artist also working with the body - his project the Race' asks you to reconsider yourself to be more than just your DNA, but a highly complex co-evolved organism, part animal part conglomeration of bacteria, microbes and parasites.