Irina Blomqvist

Business Director Ms. Irina Blomqvist, Culminatum Innovation

Ms. Blomqvist has her roots in the creative sector with her first BA in Textile Design and BA in Visual and Media Arts (Media Production) at Tampere Polytechnic, Finland. She also has an MA in Interactive Media from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland in 2001.

In 2002 and 2003 Irina continued to participate in industry events. She also contributed to the activities of KOH Associates, a specialist digital media consultancy where she was instrumental in bringing forward a number of innovative business concepts including EC/DC, the European Centre for Digital Competitiveness.

In summer 2003 she brought her experience back to her native country and joined her present employer Culminatum Ltd where she holds the position of Business Director in the Coordination of Finnish DIGIBUSINESS Competence Cluster. From September 2003 to December 2006 she acted as Program Director for the Centre of Expertise for Digital Media, Content Production and Learning Services. Since 2005 she has also acted as a Vice President for the MindTrek association.

Irina acts as the editor-in-chief for the and portals. She is engaged in several national and international development projects and organisations in the area of digital content, competence and innovation management and knowledge creation and transfer. During year 2007 she also established an European DIGIBUSINESS Think Tank activity.


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