Simon Robertshaw

Director, Sandbox

Director of Sandbox

Sandbox, is an initiative from the University of Central Lancashire that brings together a wide range of skills and expertise to allow the generation of new and collaborative forms of working. Its creative workspace, facilities and staff enhance the capabilities of cross disciplinary forms of development and production across academia and industry.

In its simplest form Sandbox is a physical and staff research development Centre that enables and provides support for interdisciplinary activity that has Digital at its core. The research is user-centred rather than solely reflective.

Fundamental to the vision is that we work with the research community, industry and new start up opportunities. The Sandbox builds connections across Faculties at UCLan to enhance research opportunities, new developments and activities to achieve an effective true interdisciplinary centre that is a catalyst in generating new ideas, projects, and products and exploiting those new opportunities.

The Sandbox itself will be a Centre that will provide two key elements;

Firstly a unique combination of interdisciplinary practitioners that develops new digital interactive service innovations in collaboration with and influencing industry, culture and communities. This group will be made up of staff that are capable of delivering real value in research and production and will come from academia, industry, residencies and staff from UCLan that have been allocated time to work within the Centre.

Second by providing an innovation environment that will allow companies, Faculties, Departments, cultural organisations to engage, debate, and find solutions through a unique combination of interdisciplinary activity, creative technological toolkits and expert facilitation..