Timen Olthof

Computer Science and Philosophy student

Passionate about creative multimedia productions and solving the world riddle.

Timen Olthof shares his multimedia passion with friend and fellow student Peter Peerdeman. In 2008 they launched NiftySystems.nl to showcase their collaborative projects on a single location. PowerRail is a presentation framework that allows to create presentations containing text, images, video and 3D models in a 3D world. Next they developed TOMS (The Object Management System), a web based content management system for the storage and organisation of user definable types of content. TOMS was used to build an interactive art gallery of user submitted works of art at www.AllArtsAreEqual.com.

Currently Timen is writing a philosophy Bachelor thesis on how the future of humankind is influenced by technology, reflecting his interest in the social effects of the virtual worlds that emerge in the digital era and the influence of technology on the world in general. Timen likes working with interesting and skilled people on innovative productions and hopes to continue doing so in the future.

In high school Timen Olthof made his first multimedia project, a text-based adventure web game. Timen is now a Computer Science and Philosophy student at the VU University Amsterdam, where he specialises in multimedia productions. Here he continues exploring the world of multimedia technologies, working on projects ranging from data-driven rich Internet applications to a location-based communication system to a generative art framework.