Lode Claassen

Helping others in creating their own 3D virtual environments

I'll be visiting PICNIC mainly for the specials on Wednesday and maybe some of the conferences on Wednesday/Friday.
My colleague at L3D organization, Maarten Selten, gives a presentation at the young specials about L3D, see below.

I'm currently doing an internship at Mediamatic Lab (the company that built this website) on creating a new manual for these social network websites.

In 2007 I attended PICNIC and gave a presentation about the virtual worlds of L3D and what students are creating in these 3D environments.

I'm part of the L3D organization (see link www.l3d.nl) where we help youth in creating their own 3D virtual worlds. A number of schools in the Netherlands and abroad are participating in these virtual worlds and are creating projects for their own education. The worlds are made by the students themselves, not the teachers.

Further I'm studying Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (www.hku.nl), were I learn how to look at the world in a different way. This in order to create new creative products that work for the users. Logically, but most products are made because it is technologically possible.