Creative Money Salon

Play with other peoples' content!

Strategies and scenarios.

Now that everything is put on the internet in next to no time, humankind's enormous artistic wealth is increasingly being opened up. The number of works by other people to which we have access is staggering. Never before has so much inspiration been available. Never have creative processes flourished as much as now. The internet provides access to inspiration, and with all kinds of hip Web 2.0 services, it offers everyone the possibility of rapidly sharing new works with other people. Other people who in turn become inspired and create their own new works. Artists and their fans are in direct contact; fans become artists and artists become fans. Art and culture are truly in an accelerating phase.

It all sounds very nice, but in practice there is an awkward obstacle in this creative process. Often, it is just not permitted! Taking someone's work and making something new of it – mixing it - is only permitted with the written consent of the author, or if the author has been dead for 70 years. That is because of copyright.

But ‘all rights reserved’ is very rigid. More and more creative people are finding that they are better off without reserving all those rights. More and more creative people are waiving part of their rights in advance by opting for a Creative Commons licence. For example, they give permission in advance for other people to remix their work or distribute it further.

But, as a creative hero, how can you take a flexible approach to your rights without everyone immediately ripping off your work? After all, even heroes have to eat. We will be discussing this on 27 September, at PICNIC'07, in a Salon, organised bij XS4ALL internet and Creative Commoms Nederland, with amongst others Cory Doctorow *, Paul Keller [Creative Commons Nederland] and Eboman [aka Jeroen Hoffs] will talk about the ¡Viva La Creación! site and present the prize to the winner of the competition *. The event will be chaired by Drew Makkinga.

After the Salon there will be a ¡Viva la Creación! Party in the Zuiveringshal Oost, organised by Meubelstukken.

Niels Huijbreghts (XS4ALL)
Drew Makkinga (moderator)
Cory Doctorow who blogs at [Craphound]
Paul Keller [Creative Commons Nederland]
Eboman [aka Jeroen Hoffs]